Breeding plans on Hold for 2020

Welcome to Saskadoodle Companion Dogs. We breed multigenerational Bernedoodles and Aussie Mountain doodles here in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. This is a partnership of two families. Our focus is on raising low to non-shedding companion dogs with temperaments capable of therapy work.


We fully health test all our parent dogs including all the recommended genetic disease tests available for their ancestor breeds, Penn Hip for hip dysplasia, OFA elbows, OFA heart and CERF evaluation of their eyes with a veterinary ophthalmologist. All our parent dogs spend a minimum of one to 2 years training to ensure they have the kind of temperaments we would like to see in our puppies. Our parent dogs are raised in our homes or guardian homes and spend their days as valued family members. They can regularly be seen around the community involved with local volunteer opportunities such as reading programs, long term care visits, service dog work, etc. Our puppies are raised with Puppy Culture and Avidog International protocols to promote their early development into resilient, trainable dogs. We stand behind our puppies with a 2.5 year health guarantee and a one year temperament guarantee.


At 7 weeks of age, our puppies' temperaments are evaluated using the Avidog Puppy Evaluation test. Our goal in this test is to help match you with a Bernedoodle or Aussie Mountain Doodle whose energy level and personality traits will best suit your family. We discourage our puppy parents from choosing according to sex or color. In the end, you want a puppy that will grow into a dog that will suit your family or your lifestyle. Too many dogs end up in rescue situations or being re-homed because their temperaments were not what people were expecting. We would also like you to be willing to be involved with dog training classes and activities for a minimum of one year with your dog to give it the best start possible in becoming a well functioning family member. For some people, this seems like a big commitment, but we believe dog ownership IS a big commitment. We believe it's worth the investment of your time. You will not regret having spent that time developing a great relationship with your new family member.


We anticipate our puppies' fully grown weight to be between 30-50 pounds. So they will be considered "mini bernedoodles" though in reality, they are medium sized dogs. If you are interested in bringing home a new puppy from us, please fill out the contact form and we can send you an application. It is a long application. So be warned. This application is detailed so that we can help you figure out whether we will have a puppy coming up that may suit your needs. Some will have higher energy levels and want to do things like agility, flyball, rally obedience, etc. Some will be calm and chill couch potatoes. And most will be medium to lower energy levels but all will require daily exercise, which is not just good for them, but good for us too. We are not out to breed a ton of puppies, however we have a desire to help you find the right dog to be your permanent family member.



Visit our BREEDS page to learn more about Aussie Mountain Doodles and Bernedoodles

* DNA tested through Paw Print Genetics for diseases common to their ancestor breeds

*Penn Hip evaluation for hip dysplasia

*OFA elbow certification

*OFA heart certification

*CERF eye certification with Veterinary ophthalmologist


*functional structure that will not predispose to early osteoarthitis

*calm, trainable temperaments

*medium to lower energy levels

*low incidence of sensitive stomachs

*good bite

*social with humans

*capable of learning how to interact politely with other friendly dogs

*enjoy human companionship

*low fear with good recovery from things that startle them


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