We are two small, home-based breeding programs. Our dogs live with us as companions themselves. By having two families partnering together, we are able to raise our dogs in our homes, not in a big outdoor kennel. We keep our dog numbers low so that we can focus on the ones we have, participating in dog training, agility, and volunteer therapy work to name a few. We put tremendous effort into training our dogs to be calm and biddable. They work in the community as volunteer therapy dogs or in some cases, are working as support dogs themselves. Long term care facility visits. We have 6 children between our two families who are involved regularly in loving up our doodle crew. Our puppies are raised with Puppy Culture and Avidog protocols for raising strong, emotionally stable and resilient puppies. If we decide in the future to grow our program, we will likely use the concept of guardian homes so that our dogs will always have a family to call their own.


We commit to working towards producing pups that do not have the genetics for hip dysplasias. This cannot be tested with a DNA test. We can only assess our dogs after the age of 16 weeks with an evaluated hip x-ray called Penn Hip to determine what their hip structure is like. We choose to only breed dogs that have good or excellent hip scores. You can have parents and grandparents with good hips and yet still throw a pup with hip dysplasia. We hope that owners interested in making a difference will consider having their pup's hips evaluated and share the results with us. This would assist us greatly in making wise future breeding decisions. You can also help your own pup to minimize the expression of hip dysplasia symptoms by keeping the dog at a healthy, lean weight and by avoiding stairs, jumping and significant exercise prior to 18 months of age. Puppy buyers will be provided with fitness guidelines from Puppy Culture for age 8 weeks to 18 months to help you in this pursuit.


We hope to keep in contact with our puppy families. We would appreciate you keeping in touch to let us know how things are going. We would also love it if you would be willing to fill out surveys for a few years to let us know how our puppies are growing and developing in health and temperament. The only way a breeder can really know what they are producing is to keep track of their puppies long term. Longevity is an issue in many breeds and we want to know what the health and longevity of our litters are like. We want to be producing puppies that stay with their families and grow old while leading happy, healthy and enjoyable lives.



We work and train with our dogs to make sure that they have the temperament traits we are looking to pass on to their offspring. All of our parent dogs train with us at local dog training classes, NO DOG LEFT BEHIND, for a minimum of one year. Our mission is for our clients to be partnered with a puppy whose innate temperament is a great match for their family and lifestyle. We want you to be happy, we want your dog to be happy. A mismatch can mean that both dog and their human do not enjoy their relationship. We want to prevent our puppies from every having to be re-homed. We want them to have a stable, happy life too where they can find enjoyment and be a welcome part of your family. We believe dogs are meant to be our four-footed companions and buddies. Our application has a very thorough questionnaire. This is designed not as a test but as a method to determine what exactly you are hoping for in your future Aussie Mountain doodle or Bernedoodle. We want to make sure we have done our utmost to find a good match for you. If we don't think we will have a puppy in the near future that will suit your needs, we will be honest and let you know this. We will have an external evaluator assess our puppies using the APET (Avidog Puppy Evaluation test) at the age of 7-8 weeks. We need to wait this long to allow their distinct personalities more time to develop. After this evaluation, we will try our best to offer you the pup or puppies that has what we think is the best temperament match for you. We highly recommend that you do not choose purely based on color, cutest face in a photo, or gender. At the end of the day, just like dating web sites, the "best" looking isn't necessarily the most ideal match for you. We think that Personality is king. If at any time, if you purchase a puppy from us and find you can no longer keep it, PLEASE PLEASE contact us first. We will either take the pup back or help you find a suitable home. The worst thing would be for an inappropriate match on a second home. That is how dogs end up as rescues or in shelters. We NEVER want to see this happen to any of our grand-puppers. We care too much to see that happen. And it is our responsibility.



We love our dogs. Every puppy we produce is also part of our family. We would love to welcome you into our growing family