Allergies and Shedding

We need to start off with defining what makes people allergic to dogs. Most people think it's the dander of the dog, but in reality, it is a protein in the dog's saliva that sticks to the dander itself. I am actually mildly allergic to dogs. If a dog ere to lick my face, I can get itchy. Some people market their doodles as hypoallergenic because they shed less than many other breeds. The reason they seem "hypo-allergenic" is because the dander gets caught in the fur of the dog and isn't released as much onto furniture, the floors and into the air. Just like all humans shed their hair, so do dogs. It eventually falls out and is replaced with new growth. Many doodle breeders have noticed 2 things that appear to make a difference in the amount that a dog sheds. The first is curl. The tighter the curl, the less the hair falls out in your house. The second thing is furnishings. Doodles that have a beard and eyebrows that grow long like the poodle are "FURNISHED". The Bernese Mountain Dog and Australian Shepherd have short hair on their snout and forehead, they are "UNFURNISHED". A doodle with furnishings tends to shed less than a doodle with no furnishings. There is a DNA test that breeders can do to test levels of shedding. We started this but quickly discovered that the test might say "high shedding" but the dog didn't shed at all. This led us to believe that the test is not as accurate as we had hoped.


According to the Mayo clinic blog , these are things you can do if you have allergies:

1) Get a smaller dog. Smaller dogs have less total amount of hair, therefore less to shed.

2) Keep your pet off your bed and other furniture that you sit on regularly

3) Choose carpet free flooring

4) Use a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) purifier and vent filters to help reduce airborne pet allergens


So to answer a really important question....Can we guarantee you will not be allergic to a puppy from us? ANSWER : NO

Can we guarantee that your doodle pup will have zero shedding? ANSWER: NO


We are trying hard to be honest and forthright with you. We don't want you to have any surprises this way.

Your puppy will shed way less than a Bernese Mountain Dog or an Australian Shepherd but will probably shed a bit more than a poodle. The reason for this is that they will have wavy to curly coats but not extremely tight curls like a Poodle. How do you measure shedding? Good question. All we can say is that they should shed very little. You should NOT have to take a lint roller to your clothes or furniture every day. You should not have to vacuum because of dog hair every day. When their coats change from a puppy coat to an adult coat, they can shed more. When they are undergoing a time of stress, they can shed a bit more than normal. These things are within normal limits for your doodle. They shed similarly to our Yorkie and our previous Miniature Schnauzers. Not much at all. But for us to say zero shed would be dishonest.