Bernedoodles and Aussie Mountain doodles



Bernedoodles are a combination of a Bernese Mountain Dog and a poodle. We are breeding multi-generational Bernedoodles.


F1 Bernedoodle is a Bernese Mountain dog crossed with a Poodle.


F1b bernedoodle is a Bernedoodle crossed with a Poodle.


We are crossing F1 and F1b Bernedoodles for a second generation Bernedoodle with more consistency in coat, size and temperament.


Bernedoodles are smart and can be very active dogs, especially if the Bernese Mountain dog is bred with a very active Poodle. Bernese Mountain dogs are known for their calm, chill personalities. Bernese Mountain dogs can be on the low energy side or even lazy. You cannot assume that every Bernedoodle pup is going to be low energy...they could take after the active poodle parent. When we searched for our Bernedoodle parent dogs, we looked for medium to lower energy in the F1 and F1b generation to try to avoid higher energy levels. The Bernese stubbornness can be known to come out as well. A little stubbornness is workable, a lot of stubborness makes life difficult. We won't breed a dog that isn't biddable and easy to train. We work with our local trainer, Derek Snow of No Dog Left Behind dog training, in puppy, adolescent and adult obedience classes as well as privates if needed, with our parent dogs to test out their temperaments for ourselves.


Aussie Mountain Doodles

AUSSIE MOUNTAIN doodles are a combination of Bernese Mountain dog, Poodle and Australian Shepherd.

They are also sometimes called Aussie Bernedoodles , Australian Mountain doodles or even just Mountain doodles. Kimberly Dorrington of Moonstruck Bernedoodles may have been the first to put this combination together. She is a dog trainer of many years and we think she hit on an incredible combination. We are currently breeding F1 (first generation) Aussie Mountain doodles with F1b Bernedoodles for a multigenerational Aussie Mountain doodle.


We think this is the best of both worlds, if you can't decide between an Aussiedoodle and a Bernedoodle. By choosing parent dogs with the temperament characteristics we want to see in the future, we select for dogs that are confident, medium and lower energy, mellow, loving, trainable and sociable. We do not want to see too much stubbornness, herding or high energy in our dogs. We are purposefully crossing Bernedoodles with Aussie Mountain Doodles or Aussiedoodles. We are selecting away from traits like herding, high energy, and anxiety. Our main trait we are selecting for is not good looks for the show ring. We are selecting for urban and suburban companion dog traits for dogs that are low shedding and can live successfully in your home with your family and who have a functional structure to reduce the risk of early degenerative arthritic conditions.




We want you to have a dog that will love to work alongside you, but also love to snuggle on the couch. We want our dogs to not be afraid of humans of any age, and also be sociable with other dogs. Our parent dogs have these traits or we would not be breeding them. We seek out dogs that have as stable of temperament as we can find. Our goal is to produce lovable, loyal, sociable and biddable companion dogs with medium to slightly lower energy levels. We do not want to breed dogs that have fear issues that will lead to a poor quality of life for both the dog and its human companion. We also avoid breeding dogs who we know have sensitive stomachs or that eat things that should not be toys and socks. We prefer dogs that do not chew excessively past puppyhood. We like our shoes. We want to keep our shoes and we assume you would like to keep yours too. As in any family, you may find a certain child will inherit a trait from a relative that is an uncle, or a great grandparent. It is impossible to evaluate every ancestor dogs' temperament in their lineages, but we are doing our best to choose stable temperament parents and grandparents (and great uncles and aunts as much as breeders can tell us).


Activity Level

We are selecting parent dogs that are either medium energy or closer to lower energy. We want calmness but not laziness. We still want dogs that love to work, train, adventure and socialize, not just be couch potatoes all day. These dogs do require training. We recommend puppy owners invest in a minimum of one year of regular training classes with their dogs. Dogs don't magically become amazing family members, there is some very enjoyable work involved. This may seem like a lot, but the relationship and bond you can develop with your dog through this year is so worth the effort involved. These dogs require mental and physical stimulation to help prevent boredom. Your house and possessions will thank you, especially during their early years. They can become destructive if left alone with nothing to do for long periods of time. They will find ways to entertain themselves that you might not appreciate. Crate training is a necessity and is good for your dog to feel safe when left alone. I leave my dogs with stuffed kongs or snuffle mats stuffed with kibble to help stave off boredom while in their crates during the day. The ideal life for Aussie Mountain doodles is one of companionship. They would love to be with you throughout your work day and work alongside you. We are striving to produce dogs capable of training to be service, therapy or support dogs as well as welcome family members.


Boredom Buster Ideas


Coats and Grooming

Bernedoodle and Aussie Mountain doodle coats can range from straighter to wavy to curly. This has to do with the curl gene. Puppies within a litter may have slightly more curl than others due to Mendelian inheritance patterns. Their coats also range from softer to more coarse. The softer the coat, the more it will mat. The coarser coats are much easier to brush out. So while extremely soft feels nicer, it is also more work. Doodles all require regular grooming. A short shaved down cut is a good option for hotter seasons and is much easier to care for. If you love the long, grown out Teddy Bear look, this requires regular (up to several times a week) combing down to the skin to prevent matting and needing a complete shave down next time you visit the groomer. You can learn to groom your own doodle, but I prefer to leave this to the experts. Our doodles go to the groomer once every 6 weeks whether they need just a trim or a full cut. If you look after your doodle's coat well, your groomer will so appreciate it. They don't like to have to tell you that they need to be shaved due to bad matting.


Here is a fantastic video tutorial from KB Ranch Doodles on how to line brush your doodle: LINE BRUSHING


You can find more information on shedding HERE.


Our Aussie Mountain doodles and Bernedoodles, being multi-generational, should be between 30-55 lbs, much like the size of Mini Bernedoodles.

Most should grow to 20-24 inches at the withers. By breeding Multigenerational Bernedoodles and Aussie mountain doodles, we will have less variation in their sizes than if we were starting with parent dogs as their original breeds. Breeding full size Bernese mountain dogs with miniature poodles can have huge variation in pup sizes. They could be closer in size to either parent, just like in humans, you will have less control as a breeder with predicting adult size.


* Black tricolor

* Chocolate Tricolor

* Black or Blue Merle

* Red Merle

* Black and white parti

* Chocolate and white parti

* Black phantom

* Chocolate Phantom

* Black

* Chocolate

* Sable



Let's talk about colour. I want to ask you a really important question for you to consider. What is important to you? Do you want a particular colour? Or do you want a particular temperament? *The reason I challenge you with a few years, are you going to care if they are the perfect colour or that you have an amazing relationship with a dog whose temperament is working well with your family and lifestyle? What is the most important thing to you? We will be using the Avidog Puppy Evaluation test to look at the temperaments in the litters at 7-8 weeks of age. We can take your application and see what you are looking for and suggest puppies within the litter that have an appropriate temperament match This may mean that the puppy with the face you fell in love with, in reality, may not be the best match for you and your lifestyle. I mean think about dating websites...just because you saw a gorgeous person that you want to meet, doesn't mean that they are a match for your personality. We want to give our puppies and their families the best chances at success. We don't want to evaluate temperaments just so we can decide your puppy for you. Far from it, we want you to be over the top thrilled with your puppy's temperament. The application is quite thorough. We want this information so we can figure out if we can find you a puppy that will suit what you are looking for.



Discussion on Color Fading with time


An important conversation. Many Bernedoodles and Aussie mountain doodles fade. Many doodles fade. Why? There is a fading gene that has yet to be identified that is carried in the Poodle lines. Some Poodles fade, some don't. Some breeders are striving to bring a gene referred to as the RUFUS gene into their lines. This unidentified gene is thought to be responsible for the darkening with age seen in some red Poodles. It is a beautiful thing. We would LOVE to bring this into our program and get rid of fading. But here is the reality: breeders need to make choice in breeding priorities. What should be more important? Reducing hip dysplasia or reducing fade? Breeding for bomb proof temperaments or for a particular colour? Breeding for good structure that will result in less arthritis long term for your dog or the perfect non-shedding coat? It is very difficult to have it all and try to select for it all at the same time. Everyday breeders struggle to balance their priorities. We have decided that health, temperament and structure are our priorities. If we can reduce fading and optimize the perfect coat and colours, BONUS! These are the priorities that we have chosen and we hope to find puppy families that value the first three above pure physical appearance. We are not breeding for the next most beautiful show dog. We are breeding to produce low-shedding, easy "to live with" companion dogs who have better health outcomes throughout their hopefully longer lives. If this is what is important to you, then we would absolutely love to chat with you. If you will not be happy without the next "Blizzard the Bernedoodle", supermodel dog at your side and looks are the most important thing to you, then we probably aren't the best match breeder for you to consider. Not that our doggos aren't superbly good looking, of course, we just don't want you to be sad if your doodle fades a bit. We hope you will love them no matter if their coat darkens or lightens with age.

Sable Bernedoodle puppy at 4 months

Sable Bernedoodle at 8 months of age

Sable Bernedoodle at 16 months of age (adult colour)