48 lbs,

F1 Aussie Mountain Doodle

Chocolate Tricolor


Penn Hip - Right DI: .42 and Left DI: .48, low risk for osteoarthritis after age 6, still good for his size and breed mix, better than the average.

OFA elbows - Normal

OFA heart - good

CAER eyes - normal


Paw Print genetics panels - clear for all genetic health issues common in ancestor breeds, see Paw Print link below for a link to his personal page

Coat genetics - C Cu, S sp, DD, EE, Ff, ky ky, bb, at at


Coat type - soft, thick and wavy. Needs twice weekly combing down to the skin and whenever he gets wet. Grooming - every 6-8 weeks to groomer for bath, cut, blow dry



Energy Level: Lower to Medium, does enjoy a romp but settled most of the time.

Temperament: Very lovable dood. Osi is a service dog in training for one fantastic young man. Currently training at phase 3 of his service training. Great with people of all ages and other dogs. Working towards his Canine Good Neighbour certification. Loves to be with his people. He has been training for service work with Derek from No Dog Left Behind . Regularly seen at the dance studio being loved by many tiny dancers. Osi had fears of metal sounds as a puppy and did not like small spaces (ie/tunnels, narrow hallways). Both of these fears he has been able to overcome through training with Derek Snow and his dog mom. Osi also doesn't chew or eat things he shouldn't. Osiris can occasionally exhibit stubbornness initially when asked to learn a new task, but once the new task is learned, the stubbornness is no longer and issue and he is eager to perform the learned tasks. Osiris displays amazing intuition when people are struggling emotionally and seems to know who needs a little extra love.



Future Stud Potential - Goose

40 lbs

F1b Bernedoodle


Penn Hip - Right DI: .38 and Left DI: .32, low risk for osteoarthristis after age 6, good for size and better than breed average

OFA elbows - preliminary normal

OFA heart - pending

CAER eyes - pending


Paw Print Genetics Panels - pending, carries for DM, otherwise clear by parentage

Coat Genetics - FF, Si SP, DD, ky ky, at at, bb,


Coat type - thick, soft and curly. Needs to be kept short unless you want to have to comb him out every time he gets wet (and he loves getting wet). Grooming - my ideal is every 5 weeks because his coat grows fast and can get quite matted unless I comb him out several times a week.


Energy Level - low, but enjoys a good play and a walk. Does not need to be entertained constantly to behave himself.


Temperament - Goose is very happy and loving with anyone he knows well and he is great with other dogs. Goose takes a while to warm up to new people. He is cautious of strangers and will give a warning bark. This is likely from the Bernese side. We are working with him regularly with training classes and socializing from an early age. He has improved significantly but still doesn't love to be petted by you until he has spent time in your presence. After he gets to know you, he will become your best buddy. This trait would be great to warn you if you have an intruder, but we are pretty chill here in Moose Jaw and prefer our dogs to love the people coming through our doors. We will hold off using him as a stud to see if he can become less cautious of new people. Or we may choose to use him with Ember who is one of the most loving dogs to every person she ever meets (to balance this trait).



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