40 lbs,

Black Merle Multigenerational Aussie Mountain Doodle


Penn Hip - Left DI: .23 Right DI:.36, low risk for osteoarthritis after age 6.

OFA elbows - normal

OFA heart - normal

CAER eyes - normal


Paw Print genetics panels - clear for all genetic health issues common in ancestor breeds, see her link below to her personal Paw Print Genetics page

Coat genetics - C Cu, S S, At at, kb ky, Bb, DD, Ff, EmEm



Temperament - Medium Energy

Very biddable, one of her favorite things to do is to train.

Food and toy motivated, would love agility or hunting (she points to birds if you would believe it).

Great with people of all ages.

Slight fears to really loud noises like blow-dryers but is good for our groomer. She just chooses to leave the room if it is on. No problem with any other loud noises so far, including lawn mower, vacuum, snowblower, etc. Just the blow-dryer.

Loves to do volunteer therapy dog work at Long Term Care facilities.

She is up for an adventure anytime but also loves to chill and snuggle on the couch. Her favorite thing is to sit beside you and lean against you on the couch. We love it.

She wants to be with her humans and work with them. She would be ideal as a service dog, as she is very dedicated to working with me. She can be clicker trained to do just about anything you want. She walks well on a leash and has excellent recall when off leash.



30 lbs

Sable F1b Bernedoodle


Penn Hip - Left DI: .29, Right DI: .25, no risk for osteoarthritis

OFA elbows - normal

OFA heart - normal

CAER eyes - normal


Paw Print Genetics Panels- pending, clear by parentage

Coat Genetics - ay at, C Cu, S Sp, FF, ky ky


Coat type: soft, thick and wavy, slightly tighter wave. Grooming approximately 6-8 weeks depending on the season. Needs regular combing down to the skin at least twice weekly, sometimes more often if its wet outdoors (when they get wet, it mats) or if it is kept in a longer fashion


Temperament - Medium Energy, bomb proof girl. This little lady is super confident. We have yet to find anything to make her afraid. She approaches life with positivity. She is super food-motivated which makes training a breeze. She is very sociable and loves a snuggle. She likes other friendly dogs, humans of all ages and she is fine with cats. She walks well on a leash and loves to do scent training. She is un-phased by the groomer and loves to have her haircut. She regularly makes us laugh with her crazy antics and personality. Her favorite trick is to take every single one of her toys outside and spread them all over the lawn. She will bark to alert that someone is coming to the door.


paw print dna health testing
paw print dna health testing