Aussie Mountain Doodles & Bernedoodles

30 -55 Lb Aussie Mountain Doodles and Miniature Bernedoodles


Tricolor - $3500

Merle - $3500

Sables - $3500

Phantom, Bicolor - $3300

Solids - $3000





Deposit INformation

$500 Canadian dollars


Only once we have a litter on the way will we be open to accepting deposits. You are more than welcome to fill out our PUPPY APPLICATION to so we can see if we may have the kind of dog you are looking for. We will post when we have hopes of a litter on the way. We hope that temperament and energy level will be more important to you than getting an exact color. We will be having a rainbow of colors. But think about dating websites, the person you might find the most physically attractive may be far from your dream date or life partner once you actually meet them. We will temperament test the puppies at 7 weeks of age to get a better idea of what might be a good match for you and make some recommendations. In my home, we have 4 children and each have very distinct and different personalities, although each have the same mother and father. We believe the main reason that dogs end up being re-homed is that they turn out to be a poor match with their family. We are the kind of breeders who want to help you find a dog with a temperament and coat suited to your family. The application will help us figure out if we think we can do that for you. You are welcome to post the colors that interest you in your application, but this may mean that it could be a really long time before we have a match. The more flexible on color, the sooner you will have a puppy to call your own.