Training Recommendations

There are a million and one resources out there to get you started on training your new puppy. But here is a list of my favorites. I am a super geek and love to read everything I can get my hands on.

Puppy Culture - Books and DVDs and now online options available too.
This is a method for raising stable, emotionally resilient puppies. Jane Killion, the founder is a dog trainer of many years and breeds champion Bull Terriers. This educational series walks you through how we raise our puppies from birth to 9 weeks of age. It also takes you through the most critical puppy raising issues from 9 weeks to 16 weeks of age, when puppy is now in your hands. If you want to give your dog a great start in life, this is a great video resource.

NO DOG LEFT BEHIND - dog training classes in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan,

Derek Snow, of No Dog Left Behind is an Animal Behaviour College

Certified Pet Dog Trainer. Derek has been training for over 10 years. His classes

have been so beneficial in preparing our doodles for life in the community. His

positive, calm approach makes the classes a joy to attend. He also will work with you

to teach you how to train your therapy, assistance or service dog through

private and group class opportunities. He has been working with Osiris and Jenn for

a year and a half now training for service work. We all love Derek.


Derek also offers BOARD AND TRAIN. If you would like to get your brand new 9

week old puppy off to a head start on basic commands, house and crate training,

this is a really great option to explore. If you live far away and would like your pup

to go straight to him first before we make arrangements for you to bring pup home,

I can help in those arrangements. We have worked closely with Derek with our own

doodles and trust him fully with any puppy. HE is AWE-Mazing.

Yup, I know that's a word.

Avidog University - ONLINE TRAINING

After attending a seminar on Puppy Transformational Rearing by
Avidog Founder, Dr. Gayle Watkins, I was hooked on what Avidog has to
offer. Avidog offers phenomenal online educational resources for breeders based
on scientific research and controlled trial studies. Gayle has her Phd
in Animal behaviour and 30 years experience in breeding and showing
Champion Golden Retrievers. If you don't look at anything else, her

Puppy Potty Training Solutions is very much worth the investment.

If it has been awhile since you had a new puppy in the house or have yet

to learn how to crate train your puppy or teach them how to only use

outdoors for a potty area, this is a great resource. My favorite potty training

education so far, and I have read a lot of puppy rearing books. Another great

resource is this online program, Avidog Transformation Puppy Rearing.

Absolute Dog Training Academy - ONLINE TRAINING
Who is ready to build an amazing relationship with their dog through
games? Put up your hand and click on the link. If you are dog crazy like
me, you may have already been targeted with advertising for this
company. I have been actively training with Absolute Dog training
academy for the last year and I love what they have to offer. If you
enjoy video tutorials, join Tom - Veterinary Behaviorist/Dog trainer and Lauren - owner of Devon Dogs training, UK in this educational online learning platform. Their training techniques
go beyond positive reinforcement strategies to a new level of engagement
with your dog. They use games to help train your dog and build an
amazing relationship and bond with your canine companion. It is a new
way of thinking, for sure, but it worked for me. It isn't a substitute
for local training with a dog trainer in classes. I still recommend you
find a trainer that does not use adversive techniques and who you can
join to help your dog learn polite human and dog interactions. But this
is a fabulous add-on. Especially if you find the classes a little dull.
The number of different training games will blow your mind. And your
dog's too! Your dog will love me for recommending it to you. You will
make your dog's life SO much more fun and help your dog development a
more positive way of approaching new things they will encounter in the
world. They also have fantastic games for promoting calmness. Yes,
GAMES that promote calmness. You heard me correctly. Way to go, Tom and

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