What is Avidog and Puppy Culture? And Why do we use them?

These are two amazing programs available for breeders. My first career as a physical therapist made me fall in love with early childhood development. Both these breeder education programs offer phenomenal methods for early puppyhood development. Both programs are filled with wonderful methods to help breeders raise confident and capable puppies and prepare them for an easier start in their new homes. At each week of life, there are things a breeder can do with their puppies to help optimize their learning at that developmental stage of life. The first 16 weeks of a puppy's life are your puppy's development can help build a emotional resilient dog and one with more synapses in their brains (yes, smarter). We want to improve outcomes for dogs and their people. We strive to do "the right thing at the right time". We introduce age appropriate stimulation exercises working toward dogs that recover well from fear and who look at the world with curiosity and positivity. We want them to not be afraid of new experiences but see them as part of this wonderful new world they have to explore with you. These exercises also help shape their brains for training and experiencing the world and we hope it will make your job a little easier once they join your family.


Examples of things we work on:

* early neurological stimulation - from 3 -21 days of age

*weaning protocols

*introduce crate training *introduce potty training (litter box) and reward for outdoor pottying

*safe early socialization opportunities including puppy parties

*emotional resiliency exercises and startle recovery *exposure to all sorts of surfaces, textures, objects, sights, sounds, edges, people (puppy parties)

*recall work *manding (sitting to receive food reward)

*protocols for resource guarding and bite inhibition

*"following the human" exercises

*adventure walks

*introduction to wearing a short, light leash and a harness

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